For information on NHS dental treatment phone 111 a free call number.
NHS dental services in the Ashby Stroke area 0116 295 58 58.

For information on all NHS dental treatment phone 01788 539780.  

Fuel Bills
 Need help and advice? Phone Energy Helpline 0800 990 3503

Mon to Fri – 9 am to 8 pm, Sat/Sun – 9 am to 5 pm, get a comparison today and possibly save up to £492 per year.

Energy companies may charge £80 or £90 a year for paying quarterly bills, to avoid this extra charge you need to pay by direct debit monthly. for comparison by price or service on gas and electricity. also gives advice on energy, current accounts, mobile phones, mortgages and more.

While we are on www dots, I’m told a good one is info on pills and medication etc.

RNID telephone hearing check. It is now possible to check your hearing using a telephone based hearing test run by the Royal National Institute for the Deaf.     To take the test phone 0845 600 5555.

If you have a problem, something you would like to talk over, an idea, maybe for a project in your home and would like to ask advice at a meeting, there is usually a member who has experience.

Or if you want to talk more privately, tell a committee member you would like to talk, even with two committee members in private with a problem.   A problem shared is a problem halved!

For projects in the home, I recommend Care and Repair.

Care & Repair (West Leicestershire)

Mantle Lane, Coalville, LE67 3DW

01530 510031 Monday to Friday 9 to 5.

Telephone Helpline 111.  If you need urgent medical advice you can now phone and speak with a nurse.  NHS DIRECT can refer you to your GP’s out of hours service, arrange for a GP to phone back and advise whether you should go to your local accident and emergency department.

N.W.L.District Council phone numbers. 

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit 01530 454545.

Grants, Community Services 01530 454 627. 

Rent Collection 01530 454 660.

Prostate cancer

The blood test, called a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test, measures the level of PSA and may help detect early prostate cancer. Men over 50 can ask their GP for a PSA test.

Developing a Cancer Support App.

Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group want to create an app for tablets and smartphones to support local people living with and beyond cancer. For more information contact by E-mail. Telephone: 0116 295 0417

Priority Service Register
Free services for gas and electricity customers are open to people over 60 and to those with disabilities or with long-term ill-health.  Contact Energywatch on 0333 050 7902 or the Energy Helpline on 0800 990 3503 for advice on the Priority Service Register. Better still; look on the back of your gas or electric bill for the phone number to contact the Customer Relations Team or Customer Services.  Have your customer account number at the ready.

Take a Break for Carers grant
of up to £250.00 is available if you look after someone, a loved one, relative, friend, for more than 28 hours every week.  The grant can be used to provide a range of assistance, such as help with housework, gardening or sitting costs, to help support the carer.

VAT relief
on goods and services for disabled persons by signing an ELIGIBILITY DECLARATION on goods for domestic use, services to adapt, install or maintain goods, and alterations to a private residence. Service of monitoring a personal alarm system, and service or leasing of a motor vehicle.

Water meters 
I recommend water meters.  Meters are supplied and fitted free of charge.  A water meter can save over a hundred pounds a year.  (Just don’t leave the tap running when cleaning your teeth)  You can trial a water meter for two years, if, during that time you feel a water meter isn’t right for you, you can ask to switch back to rateable value billing. Phone Severn Trent Water on 0345 709 0646 or write to: –

Severn Trent Water Ltd.  Sherbourne House, St Martin’s Road, Finham, Coventry, CV3 6SD.

Severn Trent Water also has a Priority Service Register.